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The most important principle in the Osteopathie is: "Life is a movement".

An Osteopath checks the whole body for movement restrictions which could be responsible for pain.

Osteopathie is a manual method of treatment. Beside the movement of internal organs, the central nervous system and the blood flow could be influenced with manual techniques.

Osteopathie is also an applied science. It's based on the newest anatomical and physiological knowledge. The combination of clinical understanding, respectable scientific knowledge and the use of the hands as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool, makes it so unique.

How does your osteopathic treatment works?

Selfhealing is the central focus of the body. Every body has the possibility for selfhealing. I would like to start here and to give your body a push in the right direction and give a new situation with better function so that your body could help itself.

The results of the previous investigation is on focus. The osteopathic treatment is adapted to you individualy. Osteopathic treatment is adapted to you individualy.

At the beginning a detailed conversation with you takes place with regard to your discomfort and your illness history. As a result, a comprehensive manual diagnostics follows and according to the resultss, the manual therapy follows in the movement system, the internal organs and the nervous system.

The aim of the treatment is the restoration of the balance of all those body systems.


Remuneration according to effort and difficulty

Initial treatment with medical history and examination:

about 75 min.
90 - 120 €

additional treatments:

about 50 - 60 Min
80 - 120 €

The Treatment has to be paid after the treatment cash or by card payment.

Please remember to cancel appointments on time (24 hrs before).
Otherwise an invoice of 50,00 € is calculated.

Allowance ability from the health insurance:

Legal cashes:
Since the 1/1/2012 many legal health insurance assume osteopathic treatments.

Ask for the achievements of your health insurance.

Private cashes:
Most private health insurance and complementary insurances take over the medical costs.
Since the 1/1/2012 osteopathic treatments are liable to sales tax without medical recommendation (7%).
The sales tax is cancelled if you have a prescription for Osteopathy and with a diagnosis.

This recommendation/prescription should include the following:

  • name and adress of patient
  • diagnosis
  • Osteopathic treatments are indicated
  • Stamp and signature of the doctor