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Therapy of headache and vertigo

Dizziness (vertigo) and headaches are a constant annoying companion for many people – others suffer from time to time.

If there is no neurological, traumatic, infectious or hormonal causes for persistent dizziness and headaches found and there is also no hypertension or hypotension, the Psychosomatic Medicine will tell you to live with your pain.
The cause of dizziness and headaches is often found in a disorder of perfusion and this may be in relation to an autonomic disorder, starting from a malfunction in the cervical spine.
Already a minimal deformity of the first cervical vertebra (Atlas), can interfere with the blood supply of the brain is irritating the vagus nerve which causes that dizziness, headaches or migraine which are often associated with neckpain and neck tension.
Manual therapy of the cervical spine and particularly the correction of the Atlas is a procedure to restore the anatomically ideal Atlas position, causing symptoms such as dizziness and head pain can subside, or often even completely disappear.
In combination with Osteopathic techniques, especially the craniosacral therapy and stabilizing exercises, i’m trying to achieve long-term relief.